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Bloody awesome

Awesome quality sunnies and awesome colours, I’ve dropped ‘em so many times and not a single scratch on them, love ‘em 10 stars


Love 'Em

Seriously nuts quality, way better then what I expected

Love the shirt

Really great quality


Dank shirt


The material is so comfy. The length is perfect! It's honestly my all time favorite shirt.

Great design and arrived very quickly

Great shirt for pissing off management

Wore it to work as a fuck you to my boss for what they allow the Sheila’s to wear to the office. If I can see your cunt flaps through your dress then I think there’s bigger issues at play than a bloke wearing a horse tranquilizer sponsored shirt. All the boys on shift love it when I break it out on a Friday afternoon and normally get out of an hour worth of work on a Monday morning for a “random” drug test. Highly recommend

Backwards NZ post

Lovely tight snug fit that keeps the frothys cold. Bloody NZ post delayed my enjoyment but fuck it’s here now.

Ketamine Ranch Tee
Chantelle W.

Fucking Awesome. Wearing it right now. ❤️